5 commandments

While many libertarians like to keep it simple with basically one rule, the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle), I figured I’d take my stab at a good set of Libertarian commandments:

# 1 – Individuals have the right to make choices regarding their property, i.e. body, fruit of labor, and justly acquired property.
# 2 – Individuals don’t have the right to make choices regarding the property of others.
# 3 – Individuals have the right to enter voluntary contracts of their liking with each other and have those contracts judged by a body of their mutual choosing.
# 4 – Violence is only legitimately used as a response to violence, i.e. the initiation of violence is NEVER just.
# 5 – Markets are an efficient and more equitable way to distribute wealth than the alternative, and markets are an efficient conduit of knowledge. Individuals have a right to voluntarily form markets where they are demanded.