Some people look at government and business as macro entities and attribute motives to them as if they had a mind of their own.

In a corporation, the shareholders elect a board of directors who usually are also shareholders to make decisions like hiring/firing officers (CEO/CFO) who then in turn make the day to day decisions. (Larger shareholders having a larger weight spend more time considering the effects of their votes) Everyone in the operation benefits if the company does well so interests are fairly aligned with the occasional exemptions.

In government the upper levels are all decided in public elections where everyone gets an equal vote despite stake in the outcome or lack thereof. The equal voting power ensures the vast majority of votes have very little interest in looking into the details of what they are voting on since their individual vote carry’s little weight. In this case, these officials are less interested in doing a good job than being perceived as doing a better job than alternatives. They are also interested limiting the alternatives to make keeping there job easier. Those employed by these elected officials want to keep their jobs and know if they don’t make the officials look good they’ll likely be fired and scapegoated by the official for self preservation.

Point is the interest of those in government tend to skew to the interest and whims of elected officials than the interest of the institution. While this exists in for profit corporations as well the interests are more closely aligned and resources constraints also provide another layer restraint.

So do you really want government controlling larger and larger portions of your life?